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Cold Cuts and Cured Meats

Born as a necessity of preserving meat for the winter, Italian cold cuts are best-in-class and are renowned the world over. Much sought after, we bring you only the finest cold cuts from the best producers in Italy, from the world famous Prosciutto di Parma to the lesser known but equally excellent Speck from Alto Adige.

Arrosto di Petto di Pollo (Roasted Chicken Breast)

Arrosto di Tacchino (Roasted Turkey)

Arrosto di Tacchino Fesa (Roasted Turkey Breast)

Bresaola (Cured Raw Beef)

Carre al Forno (Baked Pork Loin Rib)

Coppa (Pig's Collar or Neck Fillet)

Guanciale al pepe (Cured Pork Cheeks)

Jamon Serrano (Deboned)

Lyoner Olive (Lyoner Sausage with Olive)


Pancetta Arrotolata (Rolled Bacon)

Pancetta Tesa Affumicata (Flat Smoked Bacon)

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